What are the key benefits and opportunities  available from an EBS 12.2 upgrade?

Watch our latest Videos where we discuss some of the real business benefits and opportunities if you are considering a R12.2 upgrade. 

We have identified 6 key areas of benefit for EBS users who are considering upgrading to R12.2. These are include:

  • Mobile
  • iSupplier Portal
  • Sourcing
  • Advanced Collections
  • Human Resources
  • Enterprise Command Center dashboards

video 1 - EBS Mobile APPS

In this video we will be discussing EBS Mobile App's, some identified benefits along with a demonstration.

EBS r122 Op Eff Snippet 1 Mobile v1


video 2 - ISupplier portal & Sourcing

We discuss how iSupplier can benefit the supplier on-boarding process along with a demonstration.

Following this we move into Sourcing and how this can centralise the Procurement process along with the utilisation of ECC's (Enterprise Command Centers).

EBS r122 Op Eff Snippet 2 iSup and Oracle Sourcing v1

video 3 - advanced collections

Now a FREE piece a Functionality, how can Advanced Collections as value to existing AR processes. We discuss the benefits and demonstrate some of the capability along with the ECC's.

EBS r122 Op Eff Snippet 3 Advanced Collections v1

If you want to know more about how Fudgelearn can support your adoption of R12.2 contact us HERE.